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Kelsey and stuff [radio edit, for the reading impaired ex]

I've plastered digital pics of Kelsey all over my desktop at work. Now, I just WANT TO GET HOME!!! *sobs*

I've run into Rey Jorge TWICE today. Um...I'm so jinxed. It's sad.

And today's "bizarre thing": I get an e-mail, from an acquaintance (a very, very DISTANT acquaintance) who is about to go to Afghanistan. He's receiving a considerable amount of money for taking this gig (which he asked me about before he took it...), and offered to PAY ALL MY BILLS for the next five months.


Of course, I CAN'T do that, despite the fact that it would literally set me straight in all debt areas, and financially set me FREE.

Wow. Why? I thought he was angling for...something, but nope. He's about to leave, and wanted to know where to send it. I told him no thank you, but it was sweet. ????? I don't get it. I mean, he's an acquaintance/friend, but we don't socialize and only talk occasionally. He's too nice. I can see chicks SERIOUSLY taking advantage of him =/ Makes me worry.

Yeah. So that was REALLY bizarre. I felt this peculiar WOOHOO, like a child who's offered a great present from someone, yet their parent is standing by saying "no, we don't DO that", and a "SOB" because I can't take this guy's money, no matter what his reasons, or why/how he feels I deserve it.

Bummer. I wish he had some project he needed help with so I could justify taking it, but I can't. Nor does he have anything I could do.

That's just...odd, though. I mean...why?

I again hung out with the cute little blonde girl who told me her life story last week. We sat in the sun, yapping about our kids, pregnancy, etc...UM. I FELT LIKE A GIRL. HELLLLLLLLLLP. :) Looks like this is turning into a "regular" thing, although she's not one of my little group. Still...a new, good friend/co-worker/companion is always a welcome addition, right? That is, if they're nice and act like one instead of an asshat.

I'm making pointless entries in my journal. Ran into JD today, too, so that makes TWO of my ex-ex-s/co-workers I've had to speak to/bump in to today. Never comfortable. I'm gonna hide out and not answer a phone for the rest of the day, I think. Nothing else weird can happen or I'll just freak right on OUT.

Radio edit, for the ignorami of the world
I'm totally befuddled about the kindness of this friend. 100% mystified.

Plus, it makes me wonder about some of the guys I've dated, THEIR motivations and behavior and...yeah. Why I'd waste my time with the likes of them.

See that? READ IT.

Do you think -- ANYWHERE/ANYTIME/AT ALL I feel I OWE YOU? PARTICULARLY NOW?!??? Ohhhh, we DO NOT want me to GO THERE. OH NO. WE DON'T.

*starts adding up housing, etc. etc., my time, food, etc. etc.*

It's not even CLOSE TO EVEN. I won't cash in on your debt NOW, but I WILL.

So the answer would be NEGATORY. Deal with THAT.

Ugh. *shakes dirt off*

Thank GOD I'm single. For now, anyway.


That is all.


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