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Manic Thursday (skip it because I'm rambling)

Today has been manic. No other way to describe it. I've been "utilized/optimized/KILLED" with a gruesome workload. Ugh. Does anyone in America SPEAK ENGLISH ANYMORE??? Just curious. I'm going to scream, and am, inside my head. When I'm stressed, angry, etc., I tend to get really quiet and withdrawn. This has become something my co-workers identify, so I've had numerous people stop, and ask if everything was okay, could they help, etc. That's why I'm stressed. I can't delegate this crap and am stuck with it. And the list of stuff is only getting larger while I continue to be consistent with production. There IS no way I can produce more than I do, unless I bypass lunch or any/all break during the day. I might've started OFF doing this -- when I first worked here -- but quickly learned that this job will suck the marrow of life from you if you let it. Taint gonna happen.

The girls JUST woke up when I called them a few minutes' ago.ER. I wish /I/ was a teenager again. *sob* Sleep all day, swim, wait for me to come home, cook for them, clean up, stay up all night...what's wrong with that picture?! If Ali continues to stay as she has been (every day and night since summer vacation began), I'm going to put up a "chores" list. I treat them both equally, because at this point, it kinda feels like Ali's mine, too. Greaaaaaaat. So my lil wish of having another child came true, only in a different way.

The celluloid has been literally ringing off the hook today. Of course, I can't HEAR it when it rings (work), and catch them AFTER. When I attempt to return a call, naturally, they're not around. See?! I cannot stand telephone conversations. I think this is God's way of saving me.

My co-worker is still going on about her plant :) I'm glad it cheered her up. She's much happier today,and back to her normal self. :> Her comrade-in-arms, however (the one I've always worried about) as of today technically got herself fired. :/ Not good. Although she did bring this about herself, still, it's never good when you hear this kind of news. Not only that, but I fear that a few more from our department are headed for the proverbial chopping block, if I am to believe the uberobersupervisormeister. Really, I don't wanna hear it/know it. Depressing. Anyone who loses a job, particularly these days, is just...sad, despite the reason. God knows it's hard enough making it WITH a job.

And so the H.R. chica who I ran in to whilst picking up the furniture before the move came down to my office today, and GAVE ME a package for the disability casual day! How SWEET WAS THAT? I wasn't going to even participate, but she's aware of my situation (I'm guessing H.R. keeps some serious records of us), and gave me the bracelet, t-shirt and coupons. That was MUY thoughtful. And on the flip side, I unfortunately had a face-to-face "moment" with what's his name (hahaha), when my elevator stopped on the 4th floor. It seriously made me sick just seeing his face. Not good! That's not a good sign at all. I shouldn't get SICK just seeing him. Er...I'm trying to analyze why I feel this way, but can't quite put a finger on it.

Making gnats out of Tootsie-roll wrappers. Hahaha. My boss always keeps junk in this HUGE bowl on her desk. Lately, I've been eating one Tootsie-roll at a time, then flattening it out, tying it up, and making little gnats out of them. Her office is SURROUNDED with them. I put one on the fire extinguisher (hahah), on everyone's cube, and even on an art piece in our hallways. I'm thinking housekeeping needs to DO THEIR JOBS, because it's been WEEKS since I started carefully placing the gnats around our area, and they all remain right where I put 'em. My superobermeistervisor just laughs now, as she realizes resistance of the gnats is futile. :> :> Plus, they're kinda cute. As long as they don't come from that freakin' potato drawer. EWWWWWW. I tried finding the original artwork that was made during that time period, but it's not in my scrapbook.

The things I do to amuse myself during lunch. It' ...SAD. I should give that whole lunch-date thing a chance, because each time when I get home and read my lunchisms, I wonder WHY O WHY I've written the things I have. Just rambling on, like my fingers don't get enough exercise working.


Aiite den. Stick a toothpick in me, cuz I'm done.


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