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Creative Stinking 101: The Stench [module 1]

So I woke up this morning and don't know how I even washed my hair, much less applied makeup with my hands, wrists, forearms and left shoulder, because they're all in SO MUCH PAIN/wounded.

Knowing that Ben-Gay and/or IcyHot will literally BURN YOU TO HELL if applied on open pores (i.e., before or after a shower), I waited until I got into work to put it on.

EWWWWWW. I stink to HIGH HEAVEN. My eyes are watering, and everyone around me (within a 20 foot radius) has come around, asking me "do you know where that smell's coming from?" LOL. I'm blaming it on Football Boy next to me :> :D LOL. Let's just call this Creative Stinking 101.

I have a football-sized KNOT in my left shoulder, the origins of which I have no clue.

Could /barely/ sleep last night because of this, and my left lung that won't seem to heal and is making me nervous. I'm about to start asking Oncologists what the symptoms (physical) of cancer are, particularly lung. Because this much pain is WRONG. I shouldn't even feel it wearing the Fentanyl patch.

Woooooo. I'm a ray of sunshine.

In workly news, one of our more...loquacious -- and newly-hired/permanent -- employees lost her job. She was the ring-leader bad-mouthing my girlie friend. Can't say I'm sad to see her go, but other than that one incident, she seemed alright. Well, okay, maybe not that good. She did, after all, try to get me and Rey Jorge back together when she first came to work here. She knew him from a bank for which they both worked prior to coming here.

Lovely. What goes around, REALLY goes around. You'd think at her age, she'd know this lesson.

I'm thinking some people just never get it. That would explain the STUPID DATES I've had and/or dodged. Heh.

Or maybe it explains me. Which is kinda worse.

Alrighty. If I'm going to kill my wrists, I'm gonna kill them being productive.

The end.


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