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Maybe Check Back Next Year, When You're Happy

Creeping Through The Cellar Door
Step-parenting link (about to go active): http://www.examiner.com/x-3844-step-parenting-examiner

The Reading and Journaling Rules 2010

  • Read this journal as if you were peeking over my shoulder, reading my diary. You're not allowed to edit or correct me, nor will I stand for it. This is a journal/diary. Your view of an LJ might be different, but quite frankly, it's none of my business and I care only for this one.

  • I believe that people who keep friend's only journals are either lying or being deceptive. Not that hiding is always a bad thing; but if you're new and trying to get on my list, be aware that I look for those things. Be proud. Live your life in the open, and dare to speak the truth without worrying about others judging you. That's the basic tenant in my journal anyway, and I've found that those who are exclusively friend's only have a LOT to hide. And usually, it's a mouthful of nonsense and untruths. You should never be ashamed of who you are.

  • Be a drama queen in your own journal. I won't tolerate it here.

  • Never "threaten" me. That'll get you no play in my journal. This is my world.

  • If you're on my friend's list, DO NOT MENTION friend's only info into an open journal entry.

  • Do you pay my bills? If not, don't EVER presume to tell me what to do, order me around, or act like you have a say here.

  • We all hate rules, but I've learned these are necessary. If you personalize this you'll hate me, so just take it easy.

  • Comment, don't comment I don't care. I rarely have time to read my friend's list, and consider all of this a little voyeuristic. Do NOT take it personal if I don't read or comment in your journal. If you come up with some STUPID ultimatum (i.e., read me and comment or I'LL UNFRIEND YOU KTHNX) I'll probably be gone from your friend's list.

  • Stop whining. If you're gonna whine every day, I'll get tired of it. Thus, the end of our friendship. Even *I* can see light when it appears I'm surrounded by darkness.

  • STALKERS? Don't even try the anonymous comment. It'll see NO AIR in my journal, and will be immediately deleted.

  • Real life friends without journals are always welcome to comment, as long as you identify yourself. I realize many do read but don't have journals, and really, you're the ones worth keeping up with.

  • If you don't like what I say, just deal with it or leave my list. I don't want to hear your caustic remarks IN MY JOURNAL.

  • Do not EVER correct my grammar or spelling. I spend all of about two minutes writing each journal entry and don't edit. Also, for those of you without personalities, STOP STEALING MY SHIITE. If you can't come up with original phrases, seek life elsewhere. I'm tired of reading "me" in your journals. It doesn't make you cute or make me happy. Imitation is NOT the sincerest form of flattery; it's flagrant plagiarism.

  • THE EX-WHATEVER Clause: If you're an ex-husband/boyfriend/etc., don't comment in my journal unless we are now actively friends (and those are VERY few). I have no desire to see you pop into my life, since I've already booted you out of it once.

  • That's about all for now. This is subject to change as I deem apropos.

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